Friday, 25 February 2011

Further development

After sketching up ideas for the body positions and facial expressions of my dolls, i think i have finally come to an outcome i am happy with. Below are two rough examples of exactly this. The top one represents the song 'your love is my drug' by Kesha. This is shown by the doll having a belt wrapped around her arm, which is normally used to help inserting drugs. Secondly, i have given the doll a large heart to represent love.

My doll for 'Cannibal' is positioned exactly the same, although its facial expression has changed to a more evil and twisted expression. This doll represents the theme of cannibalism. This is because in the video the lyrics talk about eating boys up, so i wanted to play on this.

Further down the line in my development work i am going to start applying some typography to my illustrations. The content of this will be from the song lyrics of both songs.

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